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When adding to the list, Please consider the following priority factors carefully for each suggestion:

3 Essential. Required for next release
2 Conditional. Required eventually but could wait until a later release if necessary
1 Optional. Would be very nice to have someday if resources permit
Impact on product"
3 Essential. The product is not acceptable unless these requirements are satisfied
2 Conditional. Would enhance the product, but the product is not unacceptable if absent
1 Optional. Functions that may not be worthwhile
Impact on user experience"
3 Generally improved user experience
2 Important for specific needs
1 Nice
  • Include a comprehensive description of the functionality
  • State reasons for wanting it
  • Possible disadvantages
  • unresearched areas.

2.2.0 Kerberos authentication of terminals

2016 SR/JS

Since we avoid using password authentication, it is important to be able to authenticate the terminals.

While authentication is an essential part of the development, encryption tasks should by principal be left to well tested solutions. The solution should implement authentication and ticket exchange in javascript (HTML5) and the smartcore should by default act as a key exchange in stand alone solutions.

  • It's war proven open source, licence free code.
  • Its widely available on any operating system and native to UNIX
  • It's a good sales argument for corporate products.
  • Port 88 (and 53) must be used
  • The requirements and exact implementation is unresearched.

2.2.0 propper bug and wish list system

2016 SR

We need to have a real bug report system in place.