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When working with the SmartCore on at technical level, you often need the following:

  • SFTP client; to access files
  • Image editor; to create or modify icons and tiles etc. in a theme.
  • SSH terminal; if you work on the core or change some system settings.


Install SFTP client:

You can use any decent SFTP client. Here we use WinSCFP. It's a free client that integrates into windows explorer.

Download the latest SFTP client from [] and install it.

It might be useful to choose Explorer integration.

Connect to the IP address of the SmarrCore (see Connect)

Use standard settings. the user name is "admin" and the password it the factory set unique password, provides with the SmartCore (if you haven't changed it)

Install image editor

The image editor should at least be able to create PNG files with transparency. (Alpha channel) Layers is very nice to have too.

A free option is


depending on your local network address space use either or

   nmap -p80 -PS80 -n -R --script=http-title <address space>





Log in to your router and look for the SmartCore in the list of connected devices. From there obtain the network IP address.

Enter the address in your browser

If it doesn't work:

  • Check that the SmartCore is properly connected to your network.
  • Check on your switch that it lights up on the port connected to the SmartCore