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Bug repports

When adding to the list, Please consider the following priority factors carefully for each entry:

3 Essential. Stop all else to fix this. Including exceptions, crashes, corrupt data, etc. that makes the unit not working
2 Unacceptable. Required to be fixed, at the latest with the next release. Reserved for bugs that hampers functionality
1 Nuisance. Bugs with limited loss of functionality or annoyance
Impact on product"
3 Essential. The product is not acceptable unless this is fixed
2 Unacceptable. This bug downgrades the product, but it's still usable
1 Nuisance. This bug is a minor annoyance, and should be fixed
Impact on user experience"
3 Generally improved user experience
2 Important for specific needs
1 Nice

Please include:

  • A precise description of the result of the bug
  • A comprehensive description of how to reproduce it

SmartCore V0.8.0

1.1.1 Kommando svar forsinkes

SR 2017-7 Kommando svar forsinkes nogle gange i ca 14 sekunder under load. Formegentligt en timeout i fbm. websocket

1.2.2 Virker ikke med Android

SR 2017-7 Websocket forbindelse opfattes som en fremmed trussel, og beredskabet forhøjes, efter noget tid, helt op til 100%

1.1.1 System monitor Websocket client list er tom

SR 2017-7

1.1.1 Alerts virker ikke og har ikke lyd

SR 2017-7

1.1.1 Panel Talk har dobbelt linieafstand

SR 2017-7

1.1.1 System identities tile har tilfældig graf

SR 2017-7

1.1.1 Højt CPU forbrug når idle

SR 2017-7

2.2.3 Reaction side mangler

SR 2017-7

SmartCore V0.7.4

2.3.1 Proper exception handeling

SR 2016-12

The server does not handle any uncaughtException well. It stops working properly after.