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SmartCore IoT platform provides three distinct properties to IoT connectivity

1. Device Interface

This is a small piece of code that does nothing else but talk to a piece of hardware, translating it to a set of instructions of your choosing. The device interface is very tinker friendly. People with technical skills can easily connect a device to the platform.

2. Interaction

When a device is connected, the interaction part defines how a specific function, in a specific place, is linked to a physical device, and how it responds to events. This part is highly configurable and programmable, to adapt functionality to individual needs.

3. Human presentation

In the end, it’s all about human interaction and relations to the space around them. The technical aspect of how that is accomplished is less interesting from a user perspective. The presentation provider, generates a very user-friendly and intuitive overlay to all the tech stuff, via display, speech or text, without bothering the user with unnecessary information. The presentation is auto generated, but can be programmed and tailored to specific needs.

The benefits of this model enables a technical skilled person to easily attach a device to the system, and automatically have it integrated and presented with a nice user interface. A User experience skilled person can make fabulous intuitively well designed or personalised user interfaces, that seamlessly adapts the connected hardware. The user can change the way the system correlate events and responses, to fit personal comfort.

SmartCore provide three approaches on top of a complete core of software and hardware, adapted to run on low-power embedded computer devices, making a complete Smart Space solution, independent from internet connectivity and cloud services.