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Our vision is to turn ordinary living space into “Smart Space” that automatically adjusts itself to your needs. Our vision goes beyond making simple “home automation”. We want to create a platform that helps transform any space into Smart Space, using modern tools and technologies.



Smart Core is the brain that organizes and controls your smart space, in ways that minimize your direct interaction with it. Like a home automation hub, it aims to integrate many existing technologies. But unlike existing offerings it also aims at utilizing new technologies like Machine Learning and Intelligent Edge computing to make integration better, the automation smoother and the interaction almost invisible.


A modern home is filled with appliances and electrical devices that you interact with every day. Each vendor has its own thoughts on how you should control these devices, but most of them are centered around making you buy even more devices or services from them – rather than making your living space more convenient. Many of them are horrible at integrating with each other. Short term business goals don’t always produce the interoperability and openness, desired by users. We believe in integrating and embracing all brands and devices, making a much better and long term user satisfaction. It makes good business sense for manufacturers of quality products



Our mission is to change the way Home Automation works, and put the focus back where it belongs: on the space that surrounds you. The space itself should be aware of what you are currently doing, what your needs are, predicting what you are going to do next. It should adapt automatically to your needs, keeping interaction with switches, screens or voice command devices minimal. The best interface does not need an operator. You can achieve that with devices and technologies of your choosing. To succeed in our quest to make Smart Space obtainable for everyone we have decided to open our software stack to our community.


To succeed in our quest to make Smart Space obtainable for everyone we have decided to open our software stack to our community. Geeks and tinkerers are free to download our software (subject to our open source license), alter it, and use it for any non-commercial purpose. All we ask is that changes are shared to the benefit of all. In addition to bringing an end to vendor lock-in in the IoT landscape, we want to protect our user’s privacy. We do not make a business out of harvesting personal user data, making “profiles” or selling ads. Your personal data is yours alone.